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Complaint management

It is of utmost importance for NAH to perform its procedures in accordance with the national and international regulations. In spite of all our efforts it may happen that the client expresses dissatisfaction with a procedure of our own or with the activities of some other accredited organisations. We know how important it is to have thorough and efficient examination and handling of submissions with no delay, and to be in compliance with the legal and other requirements in all cases. In the interest of efficient complaint management, NAH prepared and published on its website the Rule of Procedure NAR-54 titled Handling of Complaints and Request for Remedy. In accordance with the provisions of this rule of procedure, you can deliver your submission to NAH in the following ways:

Electronically to e-mail address;

In person: at the headquarters of NAH (1119 Budapest, Tétényi út 82.) from 8 to 16 hours on each workday except on Friday;

By post sending it to the address of the NAH headquarters (1464 Budapest, P.O. Box. 1581.), in case of initiating a judicial review procedure the claim shall be submitted with reference to the infringement of law to the Legal Remedy Office – addressed to the Metropolitan Public Administration and Labour Court (1027 Budapest, Tölgyfa utca 1-3.) - in 30 days dated from the communication of the decision or it shall be sent by registered post to the Legal Remedy Office (1464 Budapest, P.o. Box 1581).

If you intend to make a complaint by proxy, please, attach the power of attorney to your submission!