The Impartiality Advisory Body of NAH had its 2nd meeting of 2019
2019. 12. 10.

The Impartiality Advisory Body of NAH had its 2nd meeting of 2019

The Impartiality Advisory Body (PTT) - whose aim is to foster and to monitor the impartiality of the National Accreditation Authority - had its meeting on 9th Dec 2019.

Agenda for the meeting:

• Brief feedback on the EA peer evaluation follow-up meeting (from October 7 to October 10, 2019).
• Presentation of the Presidential action, in particular, the findings regarding the impartiality of the NAH, of the October-November 2019 inquiry.
• Discussion of the President's Order of Procedure of the Impartiality Advisory Body (NAR-87), the introduction of new members;
• Reconciliation of persons involved in the decision-making process of organizations with a high priority for NAH's impartial operation; and the reviews from the PTT meeting of 3 June 2019;
• Discuss and comment on the updated NAH's risk assessment of impartiality;
• Information on the handling of complaints and appeals concerning impartiality (since the last session no such complaint has been received by NAH);
• Discuss other raised issues.

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