2019. 10. 28.

The two world accreditation bodies, the ILAC and the IAF holds the annual meetings and General Assemblies from 21st to 30th October 2019 in Frankfurt. The National Accreditation Authority was represented by President Miklós Devecz and Vice-President Csaba Bodroghelyi at the event.

The event's website provides detailed information about the event series: https://ilaciafmeetings.org/

The ILAC and IAF General Assembly on 28th and 30th October and the Joint General Assembly & Signing Ceremony in the intern are of paramount importance.

The general meeting is once again on the agenda of further strengthening the relationship between the two organizations and the vision of a joint organization in the near future.

The General Assembly documents reiterate the benefits and significance of the Public Sector Assurance website for the general public sector and Business Benefits for businesses. Both websites are still recommended for accredited organizations of Hungary to provide the benefits of accreditation or existing good practices to the wider public.