2/2019 Position statement- IAF MD4:2018 Issue 2
2019. 07. 17.

The International Accreditation Forum published the „IAF Mandatory Document 4 (MD 4) for the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for auditing/assessment purposes - Issue 2 on 4 of July 2019.

The NAH during the review of the certification procedure for ICT apply the following rules:

- The process of ICT technologies should be regulated by the certification body

- If the ICT application exceeds 30% of the on-site audit time, the audit must be notified to the NAH (30 days before it).

  • The head of the department of the NAH decides whether it is necessary to designate a NAH qualifier to the witness audit. The NAH audit may take place at the site of the certification body or by remote access.

- During the NAH evaluation procedures, the NAH gives high priority

  • to the cloud-based data management,
  • to the data security measures
  • to the ICT application competencies of the certification body,
  • to the risk assessment and risk control of the using of ICT.

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