World Accreditation Day
2016. 07. 20.

World Accreditation Day, 9 June 2016

On 9 June 2016, we organised our conference on the World Accreditation Day whose chief patron was Mihály Varga, Minister of National Economy.

Our speakers were:

  • Antal Nikoletti, deputy state secretary in charge of international economic relations;
  • Jorna Kerstin, Director for single market policy, regulation and implementation at DG Growth European Commission;
  • Facklam Thomas, Chairman of EA;
  • Kristóf Szatmáry, member of Parliament;
  • dr. Zoltánné Csenke, member of Board, Hungarian Chamber of Engineers;
  • Tivadar Szabó, member of Executive Management of NB RAIL CCS WG;
  • Dr. Csaba Ágoston, Chairman of the Cluster of Accredited Organisations;
  • Péter Oláh, Managing Director of Eurocert Kft.;
  • dr. József Gáti, Director General of the Óbuda University for institution development;
  • dr. Péter Fodor, Chairman of the Accreditation Committee.

Key messages of the conference were:
  • mutual trust;
  • cooperation;
  • continuous communication;
  • exchange of experience;
  • continuous training.

The presentations delivered at the World Accreditation Day Conference 2016 can be downloaded here:

Presentation by Miklós Devecz, Director General of the National Accreditation Authority

Other presentations:

9 June 2016