Innovative Authority 2019
2019. 04. 15.

The management and all the members of the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) are committed to being innovative. It is not only just a slogan but we work day by day to win the 'innovative' as a main feature of the NAH from customers, relationships and stakeholders.

Innovation is often used as a fashionable expression to determine their activities. For NAH, innovation is a daily effort to be better, more customer-friendly, and more competitive. This mission pervades our everyday lives and builds organizational culture.

It would be difficult to list the steps and actions we have already taken to achieve this goal, instead of this we would like to focus and share our ideas and new aims for this year.

After a long preparatory period, our KÖFOP project, which aims to implement e-administration and e-accreditation, entered the implementation phase. This aim requires a modern and different kind of thinking and process with a flexible attitude. According to our plans, the test operation will start this year and real operation will be launched in 2020.

We intend to share the accumulated knowledge and experience with building a knowledge management base which guarantees the user friendly, easily and easily understandable all knowledge you need.

The Authority has been accused that our assessor and technical expert interpret the same issue (result or outcome of something) differently in the assessment phase, and this is not meet with the requirement of conformity assessment bodies.

This encourages us to reform our training system, make the requirements to be clear and accessible to all concerned, thereby ensuring the homogeneity of the assessment needed to apply the same evaluation systems and procedures in different areas,

hereby the jumping lath must be put on the same level for each of evaluated clients.

2021. május 31. éjféltől már csak az MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 szerint akkreditált vizsgáló- és kalibrálólaboratóriumok, valamint mintavevő szervezetek státusza marad érvényben.

A hátralévő idő:

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