NAH is also represented at the meeting of the European co-operation for Accreditation EA Horizontal Harmonization Committee (EA HHC)
2019. 04. 09.

The 21st Meeting of EA Horizontal Harmonization Committee was held in Brussels between 2019.03.12-13 where Csaba Bodroghelyi was delegated as Deputy Director General of Hungarian National Accreditation Authority.

The NAH is a registered and active working group participant in the consultation, as well as active, professional participation as a member of the committee in discussing the cases in question, different positions.

In the two working days of the EA HHC meeting, basic topics were discussed in this group:

  • use of the EA MLA mark in each EA member country, EU registration
  • accr. management of schemes
  • Revision of EA-2/13
  • Revision of EA-3/01 Regulation
  • Review of the EA-2/15 Code, with practical examples