The Impartiality Advisory Body of NAH had its 2nd meeting of 2018
2018. 12. 03.

The Impartiality Advisory Body (PTT) - whose aim is to foster and to monitor the impartiality of the National Accreditation Authority - had its meeting on 3rd December 2018.

Agenda for the meeting of The Impartiality Advisory Body on 3 December 2018:

  • Short feedback on the EA peer evalution about impartiality between June 25 and  29 2018;
  • Discussion of the Director General's Order of Procedure of the Impartiality Advisory Body (NAR-87), introduction of new members;
  • Reconciliation of persons involved in the decision-making process of organizations with a high priority for NAH's impartial operation; and the reviews from the PTT meeting of 5 June 2018;
  • Discuss and comment on the updated NAH's risk assessment of impartiality;
  • Information on the handling of complaints and appeals concerning impartiality (since the last session no such complaint has been received by NAH);
  • Discuss other raised issues (review of impartiality policy).
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