ILAC-IAF General Assembly resolutions 2018
2018. 11. 23.

The IAF-ILAC Joint Annual General Assembly was held in Singapore between 22nd and 31st October 2018. The National Accreditation Authority was represented by Miklós Devecz ,Diretor General, and Kutas Viola, acting Head of Department, at this event.

In the joint meeting, the member organizations have adopted resolutions on accreditation and several areas of conformity assessment.

Some important resolutions concerning our conformity assessment bodies:

ILAC Resolution GA 22.16 The General Assembly endorses the Executive Committee recommendation that ILAC should not develop Level 4 and 5 sector guidance unless a specific proposal is received from a liaison partner or international stakeholder. This will be documented in the relevant ILAC Rseries document.

ILAC Resolution GA 22.19 The General Assembly resolves that the standard applicable to biobanks for the purposes ofaccreditation will be ISO 20387 Biobanking – General requirements for biobanking, to beused as a standalone standard.

IAF Resolution 2018-13 Non-Accredited Product Certification where the CAB is accredited for the same scope - The General Assembly acting on the recommendation of the Technical Committee resolved that IAF Accreditation Body members shall have legally enforceable arrangements with their accredited CABs for product certification that prevents the CAB from issuing non-accredited product certification in scopes for which they are accredited. The enforceable arrangements shall require full implementation within three years from 31 October 2018.

Additionally, CABs for product certification must transition certification documentation to include the accreditation symbol and/or must make reference to the accreditation status of the CAB including the identification of the AB, no later than 31 October 2021.

The resolutions made during the 31st General Assembly of IAF could be read here:

IAFSingaporeGAResolutions 31102018.pdf

The resolutions of the 21st ILAC General Assembly could be found here:

Adopted Resolutions 22nd ILAC GA 31 Oct 2018.pdf

2021. május 31. éjféltől már csak az MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 szerint akkreditált vizsgáló- és kalibrálólaboratóriumok, valamint mintavevő szervezetek státusza marad érvényben.

A hátralévő idő:

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