The first Professional Advisory Board of NAH was established in the field of medical testing
2018. 01. 22.

On 18 January 2018, the Director-General of the National Accreditation Authority established the first Professional Advisory Board of the authority, which provides professional assistance in matters directly related to accreditation in accordance with MSZ EN ISO / IEC 17011 standard.

The objective of the establishment of this impartial and independent advisory body operating beside NAH is to provide professional advice regarding the accreditation of medical laboratories - particularly in connection with MSZ EN ISO 15189 and the MSZ EN ISO 22870 standards - , and expertise for all the arising questions regarding the practical adaptation of the aforementioned standards.

Its members are competent experts in the following areas who work in the board impartially and independently:

o members of the Medical Laboratory Professional Section and Council;

o representatives of the Hungarian Society of Laboratory Medicine;

o interested professionals in the given field;

o authority /ies;

o science;

o external proficiency testing providers;

o economy.

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The Professional Advisory Board of Medical Testing Laboratories performs the following main tasks:

- participation in the development of specific requirements and guidelines for accreditation;

- commenting the draft European and international accreditation guides and documents;

- participation in the development and commenting of the professional, technical and impartiality requirements towards assessors and experts to be involved in the accreditation procedure;

- if necessary, participation in the development of new accreditation schemes.

22. 01.2018

2021. május 31. éjféltől már csak az MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 szerint akkreditált vizsgáló- és kalibrálólaboratóriumok, valamint mintavevő szervezetek státusza marad érvényben.

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