2017 was the year of the service-oriented authority
2018. 01. 09.

Reaching the first days of 2018, we can only move forward with a relaxed heart if we take into account the events, happenings of the past year. This is the time to take a look at our successes, sorrows and to wonder how many things happened to us throughout the year 2017 left behind us.

Let’s see them!

2017 was the year of the service-oriented authority

We may be authority in our name, but we are a service provider! With our service we would like to contribute to a purer, more competitive and more innovative business environment that is able to meet the expectations of the dynamically changing business sector with quick, flexible adaptation at proper quality. We could realize this objective through the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies.

The 7 criteria (from the Hungarian nominations called the "7Ks")

In 2016, within a framework of a workshop together with the member organizations of ASZEK, we defined the expectations towards NAH as an organization and towards the relationship of the authority with its stakeholders. Stable, open, honest and constructive attitude are some of these expectations towards ourselves.

These requirements were the following:

Homogeneous, stable operation

1. Competence

2. Criteria – uniformed for all

3. Training – for employees and accreditors

4. Evaluation – uniformed and clear, both during the accreditation process and when the accreditation is closed

Open and honest operation

5. Cooperation – with all members concerned

6. Communication – open, clear and regular

Operation arising from our internal essence

7. Constructiveness – we are an authority that provides services

By fulfilling these steps NAH will become an Excellence Centre. 

The “Huncher” approach

In 2017, NAH made great efforts to serve the Hungarian domestic economy and its players as efficiently as possible, with effective and quality work through implementing the so called “huncher” spirit.

This expression derives from the merging of two words: hunter / teacher.

With this approach, we also would like to symbolize that the high quality and reliable operation of the conformity assessment bodies is regarded to be our task, since we strive –  together with the organization concerned - to find and “hunt” the improvement potentials within the operation, and through our observations we teach, and we help the conformity assessment bodies  to exploit this potential.

Joining Europe and the world

In 2017, a chapter has come to an end: NAH became a full member with signatory status of those international organizations that are relevant for the Hungarian economy. I had the honor of personally taking over the NAH’s membership certificates of the two most important worldwide organizations in the field of accreditation (IAF and ILAC) in Vancouver.

In line with the NAH's strategy, we also took important steps to develop bilateral economic cooperations by primarily fostering the breakdown of technical barriers to trade. The bilateral agreements signed with the given country's accreditation bodies are important elements of this initiative.

Without being exhaustive, in 2017 we signed agreements with Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Morocco.

In the field of Halal accreditation we also achieved significant progress. The first accreditation what will be done in Hungary together with the accreditation body GAC registered in Saudi Arabia is expected to be realised in the beginning of 2018.


We determined as a goal for 2017 to lay down the foundations of E-accreditation. To achieve this, we won a European Union tender with the value of 1.2 billion HUF. This project allows us to reorganize and transform our processes based on a workflow approach and to practically realize the paperless office concept.

Miklós Devecz Director-General


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