Updated Information on the payment of administrative service fees payable for the procedures of the National Accreditation Authority
2017. 11. 20.

The amount of administrative service fees payable for the procedures by the National Accreditation Authority are regulated in Decree No. 45/2015. (XII. 30.) by the Minister of National Economy (NGM).

The Authority in all cases sends a notification to the applicants on the obligation of the re-accreditation and surveillance process in which the calculation method is also demonstrated based on the registered number of employees and the accreditation field. 

After the reconciliation of those data forming the base of payable fee, NAH also sends a payment order to the accredited organisations.

The surveillance fee and the accreditation fee charged for extension of scope of accreditation determined in the payment order should be paid at the latest when submitting the application to the Authority's payment account number 10032000-00335962-00000000 with reference to the NAH registration number of the given process  (e.g.: NAH-1-2345/201X/F1)  .

In  case of re-accreditation, the former registration number - without year (e.g.: NAH-1-2345) shall be indicated.

Those fees paid which could not be linked to an ongoing process will be transferred back to the payer without any notice.

17. November 2017

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