NAH has reached an important milestone regarding its international membership: Hungary has officially taken over its certificates of IAF and ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangements
2017. 10. 30.

Between 22 October and 30 October 2017, IAF and ILAF hold their Annual Working Group Meetings and Joint General Assembly in Vancouver, where Miklós Devecz Director-General represents the National Accreditation Authority. From the point of view of Hungary the most significant event of the technical meetings was the General Assembly of IAF and ILAC on 29th October whithin the framework of which Mr. Miklós Devecz took over the NAH’s certificates of ILAC and IAF Mutual Recognition Agreements.

With this ceremony, the process - aiming to get back those international member-ships which had been lost due to the restructuring of the Hungarian accreditation body took place in 2016 - has officially come to the end.

As a result of the persistence and consciousness of the NAH management in this respect and thanks to the effort of its staff, the Authority got back the membership status in the three most important international organizations within quite a short period of time: EA - European co-operation for Accreditation, ILAC International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and IAF International Accreditation Forum and since then it plays an active international role in representing the interests of Hungary and theHungarian organizations.

NAH was granted full membership by ILAC on 11th of November 2016 with which the ILAC MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) signatory status was also granted in the field of calibration, testing (ISO/IEC 17025) and medical testing (ISO/IEC 15189) . On 9th May 2017 Hungary officially extended this ILAC signatory status to the field of inspection (ISO/IEC 17020), as well.

After the approval of its application as a member of International Accreditation Authority (IAF) on 30 June NAH got its admittance to the IAF MLA for the main scopes below on 4th July:

– ISO/IEC 17065 – Product Certification

– ISO/IEC 17024 – Certification of Persons

– ISO/IEC 17021-1 – Management System Certification for the Level 5 sub-scopes of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

NAH was officially presented with a copy of these certificates during the General Assembly on 29th October 2017 at the IAF-ILAC meetings in Vancouver.

20171029 132229

Miklós Devecz Director General takes over the ILAC MRA certificate of NAH from Merih Malmqvist Nilsson, ILAC Chair

20171029 132952

Miklós Devecz and Xiao Jianhua President of IAF during the take-over of NAH IAF MLA certificate 


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