Fruitful discussions on the 38th MAC meeting, the host of the 40th meeting will be NAH in 2018
2017. 10. 05.

EA MAC – Multilateral Agreement Council – is having its autumn meeting on 4th and 5th October in Bucharest.

The host of the 38th MAC meeting is RENAR, the Romanian Accreditation Association. The meeting started on 4th October with 60 representatives of 42 organizations.

On behalf of NAH Miklós Devecz Director General and Eszter Tanka project manager responsible for international relations are present at the technical disputes.

The MAC is responsible for the effective and impartial management and monitoring of the peer evaluation processes with ultimate decision-making role in this respect. Based on this during the 2-day-long event the results of peer evaluations and the related decisions, the development potentials of the peer evaluation process and the actual questions and tasks of EA influencing the work of the Council are about to be discussed.

After the 39th MAC meeting held in Serbia in April, in October 2018 Hungary will host the 40th MAC meeting.

Mac meeting

Source of the Photo: EA Twitter


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