Accreditation in the health sector Congress
2017. 08. 25.

12 countries, more than 500 participants and 70 presentations on the 2. International Congress for Accreditation in the health sector. Great-Britain, Spain and with the participation of NAH, Hungary represented Europe during the 2-day-long event.

The Mexican healthcare policy leaders and key players took part in the congress at the highest level.

The accreditation of POCT- point of care testing - was identified as a priority topic and at the same time a hard task since there is not even a generally accepted definition for this field. Moreover, there is no common view to the process or task approach either.

During a bilateral meeting, Miklós Devecz Director General of NAH and Isabel López Martínez, the Executive Director of the Mexican accreditation body (EMA) discussed the current situation of health care accreditation identifying possible further steps and cooperation opportunities.

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 Miklós Devecz Director General, next to him  Isabel López Martínez Executive Director of EMA together with the organisers of the congress  

25. 08. 2017.

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