NAH joins the EU-ETV Pilot Programme
2017. 07. 10.

NAH will start the accreditation of Environmental Technology Verification organisation in September, 2017.

The European Commission launched a a voluntary scheme for ETV on an experimental basis for Environmental Technology Verification.

The objective of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is to promote environmental technologies by providing technology developers, manufacturers and investors access to third-party validation of the performance of innovative environmental technologies. This helps manufacturers prove the reliability of their claims, and helps technology purchasers identify innovations that suit their needs.

The document called General Verification Protocol contains the structure and the players of the pilotprogram, the tasks and obligations of the participants and the requirements towards them.

Organisations undertaking the verifications under ETV pilot programme, must be accredited for the ISO/IEC Standard 17020 for type A inspection bodies.

The NAH requirements of ETV specific accreditation procedure could be found in these documents:

- General Verification Protocol

- ISO 14034:2016 Environmental management – Environmental technology verification (ETV)

- ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Conformity assessment -- Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection

The applications for Accreditation will be accepted from 4 September 2017, in the headquarters of NAH, using the forms of NAD-103 and NAD-103-11_01 together with the annexes listed in Section 7 of the NAD-103 Application Form.

For further information on the EU ETV please, visit its official website:


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