Relevant steps to strengthen the impartiality of NAH
2017. 07. 03.

The Impartiality Advisory Body (PTT) - whose aim is to foster and to monitor the impartiality of the National Accreditation Authority - had its third meeting on 28th June 2017.

Regarding the members one change occurred, namely the ICT ASSOCIATION OF HUNGARY cancelled its membership.

During the meeting those operation measures and results were debated that had been made since 2nd December 2016, the last meeting of PTT.

The Director General of NAH, Mr. Miklós Devecz introduced the progress in international relations and he also emphasized the deliberate intention of NAH to tighten the cooperation with domestic organizations, as well. As part of this objective, NAH signed a cooperation agreement on 08th June 2017 on the conference organized in relation to WAD 2017.

He also informed the Body that the long-term strategy of the authority is under completion, which will fit the goals of the Irinyi Plan, the new Hungarian industrial development strategy and it will take into consideration the strategic documents and long-term objectives of EA, ILAC and IAF.

Furthermore, the communication of the authority is more open, clearer, more cooperative and faster, which is also acknowledged by the partners.

Based on the decisions made during the previous meeting, the monitoring process for accreditation and surveillance procedures of state related organizations have been worked out.

Since then, these procedures have been supervised by a member of the Impartiality Advisory Body as impartial observers. The results proved the impartiality of NAH in this field, as well.

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2017. június 30.

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