Cooperation Agreement signed between the National Accreditation Authority of Hungary (NAH) and the Cluster of Accredited Organizations (ASZEK) on the occasion of the World Accreditation Day.
2017. 06. 15.

Mr. Miklós Devecz, Director General of NAH and Dr. Csaba Ágoston, the President of the Cluster of Accredited Organizations (ASZEK) have signed a Cooperation Agreement at the „Delivering confidence in construction and the built environment” conference organized by NAH within the framework of World Accreditation Day initiative.

The Cluster of Accredited Organizations and its 34 associate members have been working on the improvement of accreditation practices since the founding of the organization in August 2015. ASZEK represents the interests of its member organizations in Hungary and even abroad and it provides a forum for the accredited organizations for sharing experiences and for cooperation.

Based on the aforementioned activities the Cluster of Accredited Organizations is an important stakeholder and strategic partner of NAH.

There have always been direct working relations and continuous communication between the two organizations (NAH and ASZEK), but the Cooperation Agreement creates a formal framework for that assuring the joint future work aimed to improve the processes of accreditation and certification.

In order to reach the common goals, the Agreement specifies the fields of cooperation:

a) cooperation in clarifying the arising flaws in the implementation of legislation within the Authority practice (to ensure uniform enforcement of legislation considering that the ultimate decision is made by NAH);

b) cooperation in harmonizing the content and the organising of conferences in the field of accreditation;

c) cooperation in the organization of trainings for the accredited organisations;

d) cooperation in the accredited organisations’ evaluation of the NAH assessors;

e) information exchange on the national and international accreditation.

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Mr. Csaba Ágoston President of ASZEK and Mr. Miklós Devecz Director General of NAH

15. 06. 2017

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