NAH Conference within the framework of the World Accreditation Day 2017
2017. 06. 12.

Joining the World Accreditation Day initiative established in 2008 by the International Ac-creditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) the National Accreditation Authority of Hungary (NAH) organised a conference on the 8th of June. The title of the event was „Delivering confidence in construction and the built environment” based on the proposal of IAF and ILAC.

Csaba Bodroghelyi the Deputy Director General of NAH greeted the participants and opened the event moreover he also fulfilled the task of moderation during the one-day-long program.

On behalf of the Ministry for National Economy Gyula Pomázi Deputy State Secretary of industrial strategy and economic regulation welcomed the audience. He emphasised the relevance and the strategic role of accreditation as a tool to increase efficiency and productivity of the Hungarian companies. These latter issues are the highlighted objectives of the new industrial development strategies in which the construction industry has a key position.

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Gyula Pomázi Deputy State Secretary of industrial strategy and economic regulation (Ministry for National Economy)

In the presentation entitled „The Hungarian Chamber of Engineers for quality” Mr. István Kovács the Vice President introduced the already approved and the proposed legal modifications enhancing quality performance.

During his speech Mr. Szabolcs Nyiri the Technical Director of ÉMI Non-Profit Llc. emphasised that we have to build an environment in which it is good to live - this is the responsibility of the professionals in this sector; the ultimate goal is the creation of a liveable environment based on proper use of resources.

The President of the Association of Hungarian Road, Bridge and Civil Engineering Laboratories, Mr. Pál Fülöp highlighted the importance of cooperation in the field of accreditation. He wel-comed the undergoing positive changes in the operation of NAH, the realisation of the „service-oriented authority” concept resulting in visible and experienced positive outcomes.

Dr. Csaba Ágoston, the President of the Cluster of Accredited Organisations (ASZEK) drew the attention towards the presence of Legionella bacteria in the built environment underlining the relevance of prevention in this respect.

On the conference, the achievements and professional future plans of NAH were also introduced by the Director General, Mr. Miklós Devecz. The service-oriented authority concept translated into practice, the growing international recognition, acknowledgment and embeddedness of the Hungarian authority, are all aiming to be better and more competitive for the Hungarian companies and for our partners.

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On behalf of the Hungarian Metrology Association 1874 the Vice President, Mrs. Erika Kőhalmi Horváthné demonstrated practical examples from the world of metrology in connection with the construction industry and interesting facts were introduced regarding the national “etalons”.

Ms. Csilla Farkas quality manager representing the ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Ltd. showed practical examples and videos in the field of laboratory examination of prefabricated concrete elements.

In addition to the aforementioned professionals, Mr. Géza Köteles, energy expert, presented typical nonconformities and development opportunities for organizations with the scope of accreditation for ISO 50001: 2011 standard.

Last but not least, Dr. József Szegő, the Head of Department of NAH summarised the activities of the authority in relation to the construction sector and to the built environment. He gave an overview on the actual accredited scopes of the construction sector outlining the expansion possibilities for the future, as well.

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