The 39th General Assembly assured the work of the EA
2017. 05. 30.

There have been resolutions approved in a wide array at the Slovenian meeting, from voting leaders and determining the fiscal background to widening the scope of interest of the EA.

From a Hungarian point of view one of the key decisions was that the General Assembly will meet in Hungary in 2019, the exact date and location is not yet set – as could be read on the homepage of EA.

Secondly, the extended EA MLA signatory certificate was given to Mr Miklós Devecz, Director General of NAH acknowledging that the Hungarian organisation fully complies with EA requirements of the accreditation activities covered under the EA-MLA for the field of inspection.

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From a general perspective, one of the most important tasks of the summit held on 23rd and 24th of May was electing the new leaders of the co-operation. Peter Strömback became the EA Chair – replacing Thomas Facklam –, and Ignacio Pina was voted as the EA Vice Chair.

The General Assembly, acting upon the recommendation from the Executive Committee, approved a number of resolutions that help and update the operation of the EA. For example the revised EA-0/07 EA Procedure for application for EA membership or a cooperation agreement and application form (Document EAGA(17)04).

The goals for the future were also smoothed out: the EA Strategy 2025 implementation plan was approved (Document EAGA(17)30). The Executive Committee was mandated to monitor the implementing actions entrusted to the Strategy TFGs as listed in Document EAGA(17)32rev.

Fiscal questions settled

The General Assembly, acting upon recommendation from the Executive Committee has approved lots of fiscal questions. For example, the proposed EA budget for 2018 (Document EAGA(17)51) and EA membership fee schedule for 2018 (Document EAGA(17)52) was approved.

Among other working issues the General Assembly, acting upon the recommendation from the Multilateral Agreement Council, agreed that EA applies to ILAC for extending the scope of EA as a recognized region for the scope “Reference Material Producers – ISO 17034”.


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