Meeting on the Hungarian current issues of Halal Accreditation
2017. 05. 18.

The second Global Halal Industry Forum – entitled Transforming Halal Cosmetics Industry Towards Globalisation – offered great opportunities to bilateral discussions between Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad minister of state - who is the president of the Board of ESMA and IHAF, as well – and Mr. Miklós Devecz, the director general of NAH.

The main topics were the current issues of Halal accreditation in our country, like:

• steps towards the acceptance of Halal accreditation in the light of the IHAF BOD meeting on 14th May;

• the relevance of communication;

• managing the uncertainties and the misconceptions regarding Halal accreditation.

The dinamically growing market covered by ESMA and the Halal Conformity Assessment could create market potentials for the Hungarian companies to which the clarifications of the aforementioned points could contribute substantially.  

20170516 100131

Miklós Devecz,  Director General of NAH and Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad Minister of State (UAE)


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