2016 was a year full of challenges
2016. 12. 27.

Serious changes took place in the field of accrediting in Hungary, of which the result was the establishing of the National Accrediting Authority (NAH). The first crucial change already happened on the first day of the year, namely NAH became a central budgetary institution. This step already foreshadowed the government’s goal to make accrediting work for the community.

Joining Europe and the world

I have been working for the Authority from February the 8th, soon I had to face the fact that no steps were taken towards one of the most important tasks. This was reaching full membership in the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and joining the Multilateral Agreement (MLA). Regarding this NAH has sent the request for full membership with the required documents already on the 12th of February, on the 19th the documents required for the MLA where on their way.

The national holiday on the 15th of March was memorable for a different reason as well, this was the day that the EA notified us that NAH reaches full membership on April the 1st. For the other big step we had to wait till the EA MLA meeting in Skopje, on October the 5th the member decided that Hungary receives signatory status from October the 6th.

In the service of the Hungarian economy

Naturally besides the above mentioned milestones we had to fulfill our obligations regarding accrediting on home turf, because our goal and strategy is to strengthen the Hungarian economy. To reach this we need an organisation that meets the challenges of the modern times. We can be proud about the fact that we have started numerous processes that have led to an organisation structure that is up to date and have provided modern infrastructure.    

Devecz Miklós, Director General


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