The impartiality of NAH strengthened
2016. 12. 02.

The Impartiality Advisory Body (PTT) has gotten new members at its last session, in which numerous decisions were made to strengthen the impartiality of NAH, such as the more detailed scrutinising of government accrediting companies.

Three union leaders became the members of the PTT, Dr. Kuti László from the Értelmiségi Szakszervezeti Tömörülés, Dr. Mészáros Melinda from the LIGA Szakszervezetek and Palkovics Imre from the Munkástanácsok Országos Szövetsége. Another change occurred, namely Gaál József from the Bács-Kiskun Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara cancelled his membership.

In the meeting the Director General’s measures regarding the impartiality of NAH were debated. Such themes arouse as the defining of organisations that bear emphasised relevance concerning impartiality, the investigation of complaints and the ethical codex.

Impartiality on every level

Furthermore they consulted about the scope of the organisations labelled risky regarding the impartiality of the NAH, and the scope of people who can be drawn in as impartial observers to guarantee the equal evaluation and the uninfluenced proceedings of accrediting by these bodies. To ensure the above mentioned a decision has been reached that the accrediting bodies with government ties will be scrutinized in more detail. In accordance with NAH’s suggestion these organisations will be inspected by a member of the Impartiality Advisory Body who will be invited for this job. This endeavour is set out so NAH will correspond to the act of national accrediting of 2015. CXXIV. and the ISO 17011 standard.



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