Goals after the EA audit
2016. 11. 29.

We held a conference entitled: How to go on? The current demands and tasks of accrediting in the light of the EA audit.

The National Accrediting Authority (NAH) held a joint conference with the Cluster of Accredited Organisations (ASZEK) to review the working and the accomplishments of the new national accrediting system. The conference was centred on the reaching of the NAH EA MLA status and the further plans of NAH. The participants had the chance to directly voice their proposals in three workshops. The recommendations drawn up in the workshops with the help of a moderator were presented before the plenary session as the conclusion of conference.

The opening presentation was held by Marczinkó Zoltán István deputy secretary of heightened importance company ties, among the lecturers was the Director General of NAH, Devecz Miklós.


Devecz Miklós



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