Position Statements

Position statement 1/2016

Relating to accreditation according to Standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, the National Accreditation Authority issues the following position statement in respect of budgetary organisations.

1.) According to Standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, those budgetary organisations are eligible for accreditation whose Deed of Foundation includes the public service ‘041170 Technical testing, analysis’ as laid down in Annex No. 1 of Ministry of National Economy Decree No. 68/2013. (XII.29.) NGM.

2.) In addition to the main rule defined in point 1.), budgetary organisations whose Deed of Foundation does not contain the public service activity ‘041170 Technical testing, analysis’ can be accredited according to Standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 if, in relation to the performance of their tasks required of them by legislation they perform technical testing and analysis, that is, they perform it not as an independent activity, independently of other functions.

In the case defined in this point, the activity relating to the performance of the tasks required by legislation needs to be indicated in the Deed of Foundation. (Indication of the task of administrative nature as relating to the activity).

13 December 2016

National Accreditation Authority

Position statement 1/2018

Following the structural transformation of the Government, the National Accreditation Authority issues the following statement regarding the transfer of accredited statuses of accredited organizations.

Accredited organizations that are affected by changes in ownership or supervisory body following the reorganization of the ministries, must report the change on the NAD-102 form, indicating the legal reference of the change.

According to the General Administrative Law CL. of 2016 Act 41 NAH will make a summary decision about the change of accredited status and transfer the new information into the register of the accredited statuses. Depending on the notified changes, further evaluation will take place in accordance with Section 4.10.3 of the NAR-01 Rules.

5 June 2018

National Accreditation Authority